Adam’s Siegel’s Bio

My name is Adam Siegel and I am a Sophomore at the College of William and Mary. I am an average height blond male who has only ever lived with one person in college. As diverse as William and Mary is, my horizons are admittedly narrow. I come from the relatively homogenous state of Minnesota (look at a map if you need to), where 20 degrees is a “warm” day in January. I have a mother, father, brother, and rat who, I have been told, will miss me very much while I am in Beijing. Coming from a high school where my high school guidance counselors failed to comprehend why I could possibly want to attend high school outside the midwest, enrolling at William and Mary seemed like a leap. Yet here I am about to embark on an adventure that will take me around the globe and back again. I will be cast into an entirely different community, one that is wholly unfamiliar. ¬†196284_10150168067956214_6575753_n

As a member of the Tribe community, I have thrown myself into just about everything I am allowed to get involved in. I have filled up all the time I have, and then some.

I am an active member of my fraternity, Delta Phi. I am involved in Tribe Fellowship, Steer Clear, IFC Board, Tribe Ambassadors, and I write the occasional article for the Virginia Informer. However, my true passion at William and Mary is the Club Sailing Team. It is a large part of the reason why I chose William and Mary, and as Sophomore, I was elected to the Executive Board and I also serve as Recruitment Chair. Though I love the racing aspect of the team, as well as the travel that accompanies it, nothing beats getting off campus for a few hours a week on warm spring and fall days, watching the sun set of the James. For some reason, these quiet moments with friends seem to dissolve my stress and anxiety. It is these moments that I know I will miss amid the hustle and bustle of Beijing, schoolwork, and field studies. Yet, I am inexplicably excited.

My¬†extensive foreign travel consist of Mexican spring breaks, cross-border Canadian fishing trips, and two tourist-y trips to western Europe, both of which came when I was in middle school. On this small adventure on which I am about to debark, I will not be a tourist. No. I will be a resident. I will reside in Beijing, without the safety of my parents and their wallets. Without the ability to clearly communicate with those around me. This will be a trial-by-fire of sorts. Being self-sufficient in Beijing, the capitol of the world’s most populous country, is terrifying yet thrilling all at the same time.

So, to anyone who cares to read this blog, whether you stumbled upon it once never to return, or you are my mother and father, who no doubt will check back twice daily to ensure that I am eating enough and still alive, I hope that you will learn from my adventure. I promise to share as much of my learning with you as possible, for knowledge that isn’t shared is wasted.


Adam Siegel

William and Mary