The view of Shanghai from the top of the World Financial Center. Notice the pollution!

We were told before going to Shanghai that the city represented China’s future. And boy, was it the future! At first, we weren’t sure what our tour guide, Robert, meant when he kept telling us that Shanghai was “China’s future” but we quickly figured it out upon arriving in the city. I have never seen […]

Research Raving


Flying across the world. Studying at Tsinghua. Researching in the great city of Beijing. The possibilities are unlimited and a little overwhelming. There are so many subjects that interest me, that narrowing down even my preferences is difficult.  I want to find a good combination of researching something I am passionate about as well as […]

Josiah Depaoli

你好! My Name is Josiah Depaoli (戴約賽). I am a freshman at William and Mary planning to major in economics and minor in history. I’m looking forward to improving my language ability in Chinese as well as getting to meet knew people and learn firsthand about a different culture.

Aleeya Ensign’s Bio

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  大家好!我的中文名字是爱丽雅。我的专业是中文、中国文化。我也打算学习心理。我学了中文六年了。 Hello all! My name is Aleeya Ensign.  I am a sophomore at the College of William & Mary.  I am a Chinese and Psychology double major.  I have been studying Chinese for six years. I am a Northern Virginia native, Falls Church City.  My High School began to offer Chinese when I was in […]

Jonathan Morrisey’s Bio

Jonathan Morrisey

你们好!我的中文名字是马君山。 For those of you who don’t read Chinese, welcome!  My name is Jonathan Morrisey, or Mǎ Jūnshān if you wish to know my Chinese name.  I am currently a freshman at the College of William and Mary, and plan to major in East Asian Studies.  I’ve taken around two years of Mandarin Chinese, but […]

David Bales Bio


你们好!My name is David, 我的中文名字是白天武。I’m currently a senior with a double major in Neuroscience and Chinese.  I grew up in Montreal, but moved to Philadelphia before high school.  I’m a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha and on Club Soccer.  I started learning Chinese this summer because I was offered a job at Harbin Harmillion Chemicals […]

欧瑞昂 (Ou Ruiang) Bio

Ryan Olstein Photo

          My name is Ryan (欧瑞昂) and I am a sophomore at William and Mary.  I am from Wilton, CT and a Chinese and accounting double major.  On campus, I am a member of the rugby team (Our website), Kappa Delta Rho, and Someone You Know.  I am very excited to be […]

About me

大家好!我的中文名字是韩阿灵。Hi everyone!  My name is Aly Haas and I am a sophomore at the College of William and Mary.  I have recently been accepted into the Mason School of Business, and am excited to couple my Business Studies with my newly found interest in Chinese.  Having only started studying Chinese this past fall, I will […]

Max Lipkin Bio


你们好! My name is Max Lipkin (刘梦设), and I’m looking forward to studying abroad in China this summer at Tsinghua University. I’ve been studying Chinese for five years, and hope to double major in computer science and Chinese. I look forward to practicing my language skills in China, and taking lots of pictures of my […]

Something New


你们好! My name is Lewam Kefela. I am a sophomore here at the College of William and Mary. Currently majoring in Economics and Business. I am Eritrean but I was born and raised in Kenya. I love traveling and do so quite often, however, I have never been to China, and I’m excited about the […]