Sean L. Bates

My name is Sean Bates and I’m a native of Richmond, Virginia. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in Health Services Administration, I worked and lived in London England for nearly a year, working as Assistant Service Manager (Hospital Administrator) for St. Luke’s Hospital, one of the oldest psychiatric hospitals in the UK. St Luke’s was one of the few facilities that had geriatric and adolescent/child units on site. At St. Luke’s most of my responsibilities were administrative in nature such as working on hospital policies and procedures. It was my involvement with discharge planning and working with the adolescents in the facility that sparked my interest in teaching and learning in health sciences.

As a member of the discharge team, I was able to determine the health education needs of patients with psychiatric illness as well as assist their relatives. In this process, I worked primarily with patients and their relatives to learn general information about patients’ mental illnesses, coping with symptoms, and building strong communication and social relationships. It was during this work experience that I began the quest to understand the impact of teaching and learning has on patient health status and recovery. After working in London, I attended graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University, earning a Masters degree in Gerontology and a Masters degree in Public Health (Administration and Planning). Since graduation, I have worked professionally as an Administrator in Foundations of Clinical Medicine course, Office of Financial Aid and in a transitional housing program for homeless women and children.

Currently, I serve as the Executive Director for Postgraduate Programs – VCU School of Pharmacy, where I oversee the Office of Continuing Education; and I also serve as an instructor in our pharmacy technician program. This fall, I will matriculate into the Ed.D. in the Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership – Higher Education Administration program with the School of Education at the College of William and Mary. With an Ed.D degree I hope to realign my professional goals, by seeking meaningful professional opportunities and growth in the areas of Academic Affairs, specifically academic management and/or Administration and Finance.

I look forward to working with my colleagues in the course and exploring the major difference in teaching and photolearning from a global perspective.