Toulouse and Spain, Nov 18-21, 2010 138Leslie Bohon
Hi All, I am very excited about our trip!  It is such a privilege to be able to learn more about the higher education system in a country that is changing rapidly.  We are in for a treat!

I live in Gloucester, Va, about 45 minutes from Williamsburg. I grew up in the Tidewater of Virginia in Suffolk. I went to the University of Virginia and majored in French and later completed a Master’s there in Education. I am currently a 4th year doctoral student in Higher Ed Administration – it’s my last semester of classes!  Armed with my degree, I hope to work internationally in school capacity building – teacher training and English language teaching & program building. I see myself conducting support for schools and universities – grant work may be an appropriate venue for this.  After being an ESL director and teacher for 15 years, I am finishing professional development for secondary content teachers (ESL teaching methods) through a grant at VCU.  I am also a graduate assistant for Dr. Dot Finnegan and Dr. Mike DiPaola.  I really love it!

My favorite thing to do is travel and do so whenever I can save my pennies.  It is important for me as a parent to teach my children (Reed, 13 and Ava, 11) that there are many ways of understanding and interpreting the world, so I expose them to as many international and cultural adventures as possible (reading, international cuisine, music, travel, international friends, etc.). I hope to provide them a head-start on building their intercultural competence, crucial in today’s world!

My research interests are cultural differences in educational development, international students (adjustment, identity, ESL), and intercultural competence, to name a few.  I have enjoyed working on two research projects in the School of Education: one with Dr. Eddy and Dr. Barber on the internationalization efforts of W&M and one with Dr. Barber on Integration of Learning.  It is exciting to work on a research team –  many minds are stronger than one – this is very obvious on a research team.

For our projects, I look forward to working with my travel mates by sharing ideas and interests.  My interest in the teaching and learning project in China is how culture affects learning.  I am also very excited about the video making – I have tried this in other projects and think it’s a great way to tell a story.

I look forward to spending time with all the people on the project and trip!

(I put a family picture in, so for the other class to know who I am – I am in blue).