Debi Butler

Debi ButlerNǐ haǒ.  That’s hello in Mandarin Chinese. I just learned that today.  My name is Debi Butler and this is my first year in the Ph.D. program in Higher Education at the W&M School of Education.  I am excited to participate in this course and eager to learn as much as possible in the twelve days we will spend touring China.  Throughout my 10 plus years working in higher education, I have gained knowledge in numerous areas of higher education.

I am interested in learning about perceptions of ethnic identity and acculturation of international students attending US and foreign institutions of higher education.

My goals for this trip are, to explore Chinese students attitude towards studying in the US, to identify campus culture at the universities we visit, and completing our assignment on teaching and learning.

Looking forward to having a wonderful time in China, meeting new people and studying with fellow W&M students.