Clayton Kenerson


Great Wall hole

Making a joke about Mongols getting through a “hole” in a section of the Great Wall

Clayton Kenerson will graduate from the College of William & Mary in May 2013 with a double major in Chinese and Finance with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. His interest in China began at a young age alongside a passion for international business and he began to study the language while gaining a strong appreciation for the culture at the onset of college. His passion was bolstered by an eight week study abroad experience at beautiful and historic  Tsinghua University in Beijing in the Summer of 2011. Clayton has recently found an interest in contemplating Taoist philosophy and attempting Chinese calligraphy. Clayton enjoys giving back to his community including as a campus tour guide and formerly as social fraternity president and as operator of a neighborhood-wide community composting site. Clayton is studying East Asian film to add to his understanding of East Asian culture and to learn to differentiate conceptions of East Asia, Asians and Asian Americans from diverse sources.