Richelle Joe

Richelle Joe

This past fall, I began the doctoral program for Counselor Education and Supervision here at William & Mary. Prior to my enrollment, I served as a secondary school teacher and a middle school counselor in Chesapeake, VA and as a family and behavior specialist in Richmond, VA. Here at W&M, my mind is being stretched and I am enjoying multiple opportunities to to learn, teach, supervise and practice clinically. As I progress through the program, I hope to focus my research on ways that counseling can benefit individuals, children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS. My other research interests include ways to support families impacted by incarceration and re-entry as well as how counseling can help link schools and communities more effectively.

On a less serious note, major loves in my life include God, football, jazz, hip hop and poetry.

I firmly believe:

1. That all sports teams out of Chicago (especially the Bulls, Bears and White Sox) are superior in talent and character to all other teams.

2. No matter what the question is, either pancakes or chocolate is the answer.
3. That service is the rent we owe for space on this earth (as so keenly articulated by Shirley Chisholm).

Through this study abroad trip, I would like to investigate the counselor preparation approach used in China.