Meredith Allred

521920_10100891396191708_1810716177_n I am a first year student in the Master’s program for Higher Education Administration, and work as a graduate assistant in the Mason school of business undergraduate program, where I focus on global initiatives and getting business students abroad.

I grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and stayed put to do my undergraduate work at UNC Chapel Hill, where I studied French and English. After college, I took a job with the National College Advising Corps, which hires recent college graduates to serve as college advisors in low-income high schools with typically underserved populations. In my role in the schools, I worked with many first generation college students to complete college applications, obtain financial aid, and successfully enroll in a match institution. I found the work extremely rewarding, and realized how much I enjoy working towards a long-term goal with students. This realization led me to consider work in the study abroad realm of student affairs, because I will still get to work with students to meet their goal while incorporating my love of all things international.

I am particularly interested in looking at study abroad within the context of Chinese universities, and finding out how the learning goals differ for American and Chinese students who study in another country. I am very excited about the opportunity to learn about the field in a culture so different from my own, and look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of study abroad on a global level.