Danny Otto

Danny Otto at the Forbidden City

Danny Otto is a junior majoring in Chinese and Economics.  He recently returned from a semester of immersion study at Peking University, better known to Beijingers as Beida (北大) during which time he was prohibited from speaking English. Danny’s passions include photography,  travelling, and rowing with his fellow members of William and Mary’s varsity crew […]

Max Rozycki

Max Rozycki is a senior at the College of William and Mary majoring in Chinese and Economics.  His interests include Chinese cinema, medieval Chinese economics, and etymology.  Max has been an avid sinophile since 2009 (although the Koreans seem like all right guys as well), but has come to realize that his lack of experience […]

Leah Marty


Leah Marty is a sophomore intending to double major in Chinese and Business at the College of William and Mary. She enjoys participating in Ballroom Dance Club, Metal Club, and working off campus at World Champion Tae Kwon Do. Originally from Virginia Beach, she began her study of Chinese at the Global Studies and World Languages […]

Lauren Su

Self Portrait

Lauren Su is a Sophomore at the College and is currently a Film Studies major and an Accounting minor. Ever since she was very young, she was always interested in French and Italian film. However, despite her Chinese heritage, her knowledge of Asian cinema is very poor and she hopes to learn more about the vibrant […]

Grace Mendenhall

Bio Pic

Grace Mendenhall is a senior majoring in Philosophy at the College of William and Mary. She also studies Mandarin, and has thoroughly enjoyed the courses she’s taken on Chinese cinema, culture, and literature to date. As a culmination of her studies, Grace is currently writing an honors thesis on Mo Tzu, relating his theories to […]

Marlee Baucom


 Marlee Baucom is a sophomore at the College of William and Mary who is intending to declare a double major in History and Chinese this year. This is currently her second year studying the Chinese language and she is living in the Chinese house this semester. As a Chinese student, she is interested in learning […]

Jordan Cheresnowsky

548510_503537506323052_1668540535_n copy

Jordan Cheresnowsky is a sophomore at the College of William and Mary who is pursuing a major in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, with a focus on East Asian Studies. Born and raised in Virginia, she has traveled extensively along the Eastern Coast of the United States, but aspires to go abroad to Japan. She […]

Shig Konishi


Shig Konishi is a junior at the College of William and Mary pursuing a major in Finance with a concentration in Process Management and Consulting. Originally from Fairfax, VA, Shig is a Japanese-American who is fluent and literate in Japanese and proficient in Chinese. He is a brother of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, a […]

Elizabeth Denny


Elizabeth Denny is an Asian and Middle Eastern Studies major at the College of William & Mary, concentrating in Japanese language and culture. In particular, she enjoys examining the intersections of media, culture, and policy, hence her participation in this course. She has previously conducted research in both English and Japanese on a range of international […]

Gibson Haynes


 Gibson is a senior at the college majoring in Linguistics and East Asian Studies. His research interests include the social and historical aspects of language policy formation in Southeast Asia. Outside of academics, he sings in several ensembles, including the William and Mary Choir, the Cleftomaniacs, and the Schola Cantorum. After graduation, he hopes to […]