Jess Hench

I am in my first year of the PhD program in Higher Education Administration through W&M’s School of Education. I am greatly excited about this opportunity to travel with my peers and learn more about a very different culture.DSC01045

I grew up in Connecticut and moved to Virginia when I began my undergraduate studies at Roanoke College, where I majored in English and K-12 Education.  From there, I completed my student teaching on a U.S. Army base in Germany while living in a small local village.  The experience was unbelievable, and I learned so much about the culture and the people there.  Upon my return to Virginia, I obtained a teaching position in Henrico County Public Schools, where I taught for six years.  During that time, I earned an M.Ed from VCU in Adult Learning and Human Resource Development.  I knew that one day I wanted to work in higher education.  Now, here I am at William and Mary working to earn my degree and gain experience in the field of higher education.  I am still exploring my career goals, but they are becoming more clear as I go.

My research interest is women in leadership, and I would like to focus my efforts in this course on the differences between women in leadership roles here in the U.S. and in China, particularly in the higher education setting.  I love photography, so I am very excited about the digital storytelling component of this course.

I look forward to working and learning with all of you!