My feild site is located in the 舞燃情 dance studio behind the 海淀 theatre, about three subway stops away from the 五道口 station. I chose this site in order to get a better idea of what the general philosophical viewpoint towards modesty and its interactions in ballroom dance is in China.   As one […]

When Life Gives You Lemons… Or Plague

Waiting for Blood Test Results

An interesting event had occurred during this overseas visit to China.  I use the word “interesting” in hindsight; at the time my attention was forcibly turned towards seething pains, incessant coughing, and debilitating fatigue.  During our visit to Shanxi (or before, for all I know) a little entity known as a virus decided to hitch […]

Western Sports in China


My field site is the Vango Fencing facility located within the Beijing National Olympic Sports Center. It is one of four different facilities the organization has in China and the only one located in Beijing according to its website: Originally I had wanted to study the relationship between sports culture and university students, but […]

Let’s Be “Friends”

photo 1 (3)

My field site alternates between the real world and the virtual world of social networking, thus my field site’s physical location changes every week. To observe real world interactions, I decided to first go to the San litun area in a mall named Tai Koo Li. It is a high-end mall populated with mainly designer […]

Perception of Beauty in Beijing


I initially chose to do field research on foreign adoption in China.  Unfortunately, due to time restraints and inconveniences I opted to change my research topic to something else I find incredibly interesting here in Beijing.  Upon my arrival in China, I noticed that local Chinese people often compliment my friends with fair complexions on […]

The Dynamic Mall

Joy City
The higher end mall

My field site has evolved as my time leading up to and arriving in China has progressed. My final field site is Xidan. Though technically not one mall, it provides a wide range of merchandise and environments in several city blocks. The district has 6 or 7 large buildings of 5-8 stories that contain both vendors and corporate stores. There […]

Lao She’s Teahouse


Based on the play Teahouse by Chinese author, Lao She, Lao She’s Teahouse is a restaurant dedicated to the mixture of fine cultural performances and the art of drinking tea.  This enchanted places offers the unique chance to mix pleasure with more pleasure and allows for its guests to enjoy a variety of shows, like Jingju and […]

Tattoo Culture Site Update


For most people the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the word “tattoo parlor” is not a tea set. Usually, and recently in the past tattoos and the people who have them have not been associated with standard contributors of society, but more with gangs, violence, and other “shady” activities. There are […]

How NOT to Find a Field Site…


Going into this trip, I knew the fieldwork project would give me trouble. Research isn’t my forte, nor is interacting with people I don’t know, and especially not in a foreign language. I was nervous. But I didn’t think it would be quite as troublesome as it has been. Back in the spring, during our […]

My “Oasis”


While I came to China with a slightly different field site in mind- namely some store in which I could research how a company like Johnson & Johnson adjusts their marketing strategies to cater to a completely different consumer clientele in China- I wound up changing my field site to a coffee shop called “Zoo […]