Big Pot Meals


      What stood out for me in China was the way in which we ate our meals.  We sat around a round table with a large lazy susan in the middle.  The servers brought out many dishes of food and placed them on the lazy susan, and we would all share from the […]

In Search of Long Life


By J. Richelle Joe   In China, the cypress tree symbolizes long life. It is no wonder that each morning beneath the cypress trees, in the shadow of the Temple of Heaven, hundreds of men and women can be found engaging in various forms of recreation. Most of these people are retired individuals who flock […]

Educational Cultural Artifacts

Shanghai – Ming Dynasty – Dragon Wall Yu Garden – is a 5 headed dragon wall. Each Dragon only has 4 claws to avoid offending the 5 claw dragon of the Emperor. The Education Connection is the Imperial examination system. During the Ming Dynasty great attention was given to the administrative procedures and the tests […]


The view of Shanghai from the top of the World Financial Center. Notice the pollution!

We were told before going to Shanghai that the city represented China’s future. And boy, was it the future! At first, we weren’t sure what our tour guide, Robert, meant when he kept telling us that Shanghai was “China’s future” but we quickly figured it out upon arriving in the city. I have never seen […]

Sean L. Bates


My name is Sean Bates and I’m a native of Richmond, Virginia. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in Health Services Administration, I worked and lived in London England for nearly a year, working as Assistant Service Manager (Hospital Administrator) for St. Luke’s Hospital, one of the oldest psychiatric hospitals in the […]

Toulouse and Spain, Nov 18-21, 2010 138

Leslie Bohon Hi All, I am very excited about our trip!  It is such a privilege to be able to learn more about the higher education system in a country that is changing rapidly.  We are in for a treat! I live in Gloucester, Va, about 45 minutes from Williamsburg. I grew up in the […]

Debi Butler

Debi Butler

Nǐ haǒ.  That’s hello in Mandarin Chinese. I just learned that today.  My name is Debi Butler and this is my first year in the Ph.D. program in Higher Education at the W&M School of Education.  I am excited to participate in this course and eager to learn as much as possible in the twelve […]

Richelle Joe

Richelle Joe

This past fall, I began the doctoral program for Counselor Education and Supervision here at William & Mary. Prior to my enrollment, I served as a secondary school teacher and a middle school counselor in Chesapeake, VA and as a family and behavior specialist in Richmond, VA. Here at W&M, my mind is being stretched […]

Katharine Sperandio


Howdy! My name is Katharine Sperandio and I am a first year graduate student in the Community Counseling–Addictions program. So far, I have really enjoyed my time here at William and Mary. I was born and raised in Texas. As much as I miss my Tex-Mex, seeing cows everywhere, country dancing, and my family, I […]

Meredith Allred


 I am a first year student in the Master’s program for Higher Education Administration, and work as a graduate assistant in the Mason school of business undergraduate program, where I focus on global initiatives and getting business students abroad. I grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and stayed put to do my undergraduate work […]