Changing Attitudes. Saving Lives.


Mental Health in China – By J. Richelle Joe As a Counselor Education student, I viewed China through a counseling lens. I traveled with the distinct purpose of understanding the nature of the mental health profession in the country, wondering what commonalities existed between counselor education and practice in China and in the United States. […]

Observations on Teaching and Learning in China

Leslie and I with students at Shaanxi Normal University. We interviewed them in the second half of sitting in on their Sociology of Higher Education class.

In interviewing students about teaching and learning, I was curious to see how practices and pedagogy used compared in the United States and China. Before arriving in China, I expected students there to tell me that teaching and learning was done completely through lecture, and that students were expected to be passive members of class […]

Are Students Prepared for the Future?- Jess Hench


Are Students Prepared for the Future?      A Comparison of Graduate Programs in China and the United States by Jess Hench   Significant differences exist between the structure and nature of higher education in the United States and China.  Differences include the role of standardized tests, the pedagogy used in the classroom, the underlying beliefs […]

America vs. China vs. England

Students were very interested in what we had to say about our own education.

An introduction to the interviews conducted in both America and China Since I am a counseling student, my interests were quite a bit different from those of others. I have to be honest in saying I wasn’t as invested in the concept of teaching and learning as others were. I feel like my interviews in […]

The horse.

See? Look how much more mythical this is compared to a human.

During my time in China, the exhibit that stood the most out to me was the Terracotta Warriors. First of all, it was so COOL! As embarassing as this may sound, I had never heard of the Terracotta Warriors before coming to China. I hope that doesn’t make me sound too ignorant. However, the more […]

Educational Interviews- Faculty and Student Perspectives (China and USA)


As I reflect on this trip to China, it reminds me of my first international trip some two decades ago. Like then, my goal for moving to London was rooted in learning, professional growth and development.  Although my primary objectives were framed in learning the operational structure of different healthcare systems, little did I know […]

Secrets of the Dead

My cultural artifact is a statue of a Terracotta Warrior from the Qin Dynasty.  Qin Shi Huang was the first Emperor of China.  He was obsessed with immortality and when he died, he was in search of a potion to help him become immortal. Learning from Immersion and History I learned about the history of the […]

A little jade snake

My artifact is a jade snake.  I did not get this snake from this trip to China, however — it was brought from China as a gift to me from a dear former Chinese student. There are indirect and direct connections of our course to this little jade snake. Direct connection: Insight into the Chinese […]

Teaching and Learning in the U.S. and China – Jess Hench


Before the trip to China, I interviewed three people affiliated with the School of Education at the College of William and Mary.  Two professors and a student provided insight as to teaching and learning practices in the U.S., how internationalization impacts education, and the collaborative relationships between professors and students. In China, I observed presentations […]

Student Art

Student artwork for sale at the gallery in Xi'an.

I chose a piece of student artwork from an art gallery in Xi’an as my cultural artifact. Throughout our time in China, our tour guides and the students we met emphasized how important it is for Chinese students to complete their education so they will be able to support themselves and their parents. The owner […]