Influential Factors of Perceptions of Beauty in Beijing


Beauty is topic of concern and a priority for Chinese men and women.  Advertisements of countless beauty products, treatments, and creams adorn buildings and stores promising customers the most desired looks.  This is highly prevalent in China’s capital, Beijing, since it has seen rapid growth and development as a result of China’s increasing popularity on […]

Celebrating My Birthday in China!


This year I had the wonderful experience of turning twenty years old in Beijing! I’ll admit at the beginning of our program I was nervous about whether or not I would be able to do anything for my birthday. I was afraid school would be too overwhelming and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to go […]

The ‘Ugly Betty’ of China


Beauty products are a large part of the consumer culture in Beijing.  There are countless stores and stands all over the city that sell the beauty product du jour for a variety of prices.  Among these products, Dove is an established brand that Chinese people and foreigners alike purchase. In 2004, Dove launched a Campaign for […]

An Italian Cultural Experience in Wudaokou


This past year at W&M I lived in the Italian House or La Casa Italiana as we liked to call it. It was a wonderful opportunity for students studying Italian to be immersed in the language and culture.  The house tutor, Giulia, was a constant mentor, friend, and source of information whom we all greatly […]

Perception of Beauty in Beijing


I initially chose to do field research on foreign adoption in China.  Unfortunately, due to time restraints and inconveniences I opted to change my research topic to something else I find incredibly interesting here in Beijing.  Upon my arrival in China, I noticed that local Chinese people often compliment my friends with fair complexions on […]

Project Proposal: Adoption in China


I chose to do my fieldwork project on adoption in China because I think it represents an interesting perspective on U.S.-China relations.  I find it very interesting that recently American’s have adopted more Chinese children than any other nationality.  In May of 2007, the Chinese government implemented stricter requirements to adopt in China.  The government […]

“你会说英文吗?” and Other Obstacles When Adopting From China

google translate

Everyday I find myself referring to the greatest source of information provided by the glorious invention of the internet: Google.  Whether it is for homework, a general inquiry, or looking up the weather, I rely on this specific search engine for the variety of information it holds at the tip of my fingers.  Adoptive parents […]

Facts on Adoption in China


Last week I posted a link to an opinion article from the New York Times entitled The Mystery of China’s Orphans.  From this article, I gained facts on the adoption situation between the United States and China in 2006 (article printed February 1, 2007). I recently discovered another article also from the New York Times […]

Project Idea: Adoption in China

chinese baby

In early 2011, I was a senior in high school focusing on passing my AP/IB exams and what to wear to my graduation in May.  As most high school seniors are, I was consumed by thoughts of graduating or preparing for college and, unfortunately, not much else was on my mind.  However, one day I […]

Maria Loverde’s Bio!


大家好!Hi everyone! My name is Maria Loverde. I am a sophomore and I plan on double majoring in International Relations and Chinese. I was born in Thailand and I lived there until I was ten years old. Then I lived in Burke, Virginia until I was fourteen. Before I entered high school, my father got a […]