A Bittersweet Ending


As I sit here in the hotel next to the airport, getting ready to leave for my flight in a few hours, memories from these past 2 months keep racing through my head. I’m so excited to go home to see my family and all my friends – but at the same time leaving this […]

The Appeal of Starbucks to the Chinese Demographic


Introduction   Starbucks was first opened in the United States during the mid-1970’s, and has been rapidly expanding its influence across the globe ever since. Relative to its domestic expansion during the 20th century, Starbucks has only recently started to develop its overseas markets, starting in the mid-1990s. With the introduction of the Chinese Gaige […]

Silk Market Shenanigans


  Over the past weekend I went to the silk market (秀水街; Xiùshuǐjiē )  with a couple friends. It was an experience to remember. The silk market in particular caught my eye simply due to its sheer popularity. On our way to the market we asked for directions several times  – but because we didn’t know the […]

The Adaptability of Starbucks


  In order to provide the reader with a full understanding of the ideas and analysis presented within this post, a brief description of the data I gathered at my field sites (Starbucks located near ZhongGuanCun and WuDaoKou ) is fundamental.  My first step is to accurately describe my interviews and observations. Through discussing these […]

Nostalgia of the Forbidden City


This past weekend our  group headed to the Forbidden City for the second time! Sadly when we went the first time 2 weeks ago it was closed- still no idea why, but that’s ok because this time was a great success. To start the weather was great, a little hot but at least it wasn’t […]

Starbucks and the Concept of “Leisure”


My designated field site for collecting data on the attraction of Western consumer culture towards Chinese society is none other than the well-known multinational corporation Starbucks. Over the past decade this massive coffee shop chain has been rapidly expanding, spreading its reaches further and further across the globe, especially East Asia. To provide a clearer […]

Western Consumer Culture (Starbucks) Research Proposal

starbucks beijing

While studying at Tsinghua University, my field study consists focuses specifically on the appeal Western consumer culture within China.  To begin my research proposal, I’ll be describing the community and the site that I will be studying in! As it says in the title, my main site of focus is none other than Starbucks. There […]

Starbucks and the Assimilation of American Culture

"In China, Starbucks is a place to sit back and relax."

Last week in my blog post I mentioned how rapidly Starbucks was developing and becoming a major industry in China (its second largest market exists in China!). I’ve decided that focusing specifically on Starbucks and not several different food chains would give my research better depth, so I’ve dropped Mcdonalds from the project. I just […]

The Expansion of Starbucks and Other Fast Food Chains


Starbucks and Mcdonalds are two of the largest American multinational corporations within China. Recently I read an article about Starbucks, and their intensive plans for developing in China, and it shocked me just how large of a scale they planned to increase. They plan to triple the number of stores, from 500 to 1500, within […]

Jared’s Ethnography Ideas


One of the central themes of our study abroad program is ethnography. By conducting fieldwork for seven weeks, it will hopefully allow us to progressively discover new aspects of Chinese society and reflect on the different roles they play within China. Although I have several ideas, one specific subject really caught my eye; the influence […]