New Media and the Spork Analogy


New Media and the Spork Analogy: What Sounds Good on Paper Doesn’t Always Work  Upon stumbling onto my blog and reading the title I can guess what is likely to be your first reaction: “What!? This sounds ridiculous.” I understand. You have likely already seen through my clever attempt to lure you into this blog […]

The Last Samurai Section 2

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  Prezi Introduction: Set in Meiji era Japan, Edward Zwick’s The Last Samurai presents a conflict between traditional and modern Japanese culture.  The film centers around the character of Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise), who is hired by the Japanese government to train the Japanese national army in modern warfare. Haunted by his past experiences in […]

Dereck Chapman


Born and raised in Staunton, Virginia, Dereck Chapman is a senior at the College of William and Mary double majoring in Government and Chinese. He has previously lived in Beijing, China and enjoys interacting with new and diverse cultures. Dereck’s research interests include East Asian politics, as well as an avid fascination with Chinese history. He […]