Final lunch with 曹荣




Yesterday was the last day of Beijing Summer Study Abroad 2013. However, since my flight is actually scheduled to take off later today I was able to schedule in one last meeting with my language partner, 曹荣 (Cao2 Rong2). I’d asked her to take me to a kind of restaurant special to China, somewhere where you cook the food yourself at the table. So, she took me out to a 涮锅 (shuan4 guo1) restaurant in the 中关村 area, which is a restaurant where you order food (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.) raw and cook it in your own pot, which is inlaid in the table or counter in front of you. There is also typically a small bowl of herb and sesame paste dipping sauce in front of you to flavor and cool off the just-cooked food before eating. The particular restaurant we went to is a well known chain called 呷哺呷哺 (xia1 bu3 xia1 bu3).




So we ordered tons of food – beef, pork, shrimp, fish, 木耳, 银耳, 莲藕,山药,白菜,油条,包子, lettuce, tofu, and more. It was delicious, and neither of us could finish it all. It was truly a 大吃大喝 experience. Afterwards, she also took me out shopping in 西单 to look for a new suitcase, backpack, and a few other last minute gifts. On the way we also came across a macaroon stand in one of the shopping malls. I’d never tried them before, so I decided to try one. The green tea (抹茶) flavor was creamy and sweet, and the texture was interesting. Overall I really enjoyed it, and I was really glad to get to share that experience with 曹荣. We have each other’s contact information for Skype and QQ, but I’m still really going to miss her. It may be a few years before I get to see her face to face again, but I’m really glad for the time that I had to spend here with her exchanging language, culture, and for being able to become such good friends in such a short time in spite of such a difficult language barrier.