Silk Market Shenanigans


  Over the past weekend I went to the silk market (秀水街; Xiùshuǐjiē )  with a couple friends. It was an experience to remember. The silk market in particular caught my eye simply due to its sheer popularity. On our way to the market we asked for directions several times  – but because we didn’t know the […]

Zhongguancun Final Project

I researched at the "Dinghao Electronic Mansion."

Introduction In China, selling fake or Copycat (模仿者的, mofangzhede) electronics is a legitimate industry.  While I originally thought Zhongguancun (中关村) would be full of small vendors and poor imitations, I soon learned that the employees in Zhongguancun are corporate employees, the stores are parts of networks, and the products, even though fake, are mass produced […]

The Missing Social Network

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 3.05.55 PM

The refreshing lack of access to social media and movie streaming websites is one of my favorite parts about being in China.  While in the United States, I probably check my Facebook an upwards of five times per day, not out of need but merely out of boredom.  The Office (U.S.) TV show is constantly […]

A little stall in Wudaokou

catch 22

One of the biggest adjustments I have to make here in China is the lack of access to English.  Although being constantly surrounded by Chinese speakers and Chinese texts was exhilarating for the first few weeks, I began to yearn the feel of an English novel in my hands.  I missed the stories, the adventure, […]

Celebrating My Birthday in China!


This year I had the wonderful experience of turning twenty years old in Beijing! I’ll admit at the beginning of our program I was nervous about whether or not I would be able to do anything for my birthday. I was afraid school would be too overwhelming and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to go […]

A world of whimsy


A few weeks ago, I went to an acrobatic show near San litun. To say it was amazing is a complete and utter understatement. Yet I find myself completely at a loss to describe it. Thus I hope my media will be adequate to help you share my experience. The stage was beautiful and intricately […]

An Affair to Remember


When we talked about models in class, I mentioned that my model for our group would be the first day of kindergarten. As I boarded the plane on my way to Beijing, I remember thinking, what on earth am I doing? When I first mentioned wanting to come to China, my family was under the […]

It’s Pure Gold! Fish…


Before I came to China, one of the things I was certain would be different in China was the food.  I sort of looked at it as a matter of fact thing, something that couldn’t be changed, and something I would just learn to deal with and get used to because I would have to. […]

Exploring Inner Mongolia

So, after classes last Saturday, we prepared to head off the Inner Mongolian grassland. Just to clarify, Inner Mongolia is a province, or rather a Semi-autonomous region of China. I did NOT go to actual Mongolia. I did NOT enter a different country. Think New Mexico. New Mexico is not in Mexico, it just borders […]

The Spirit of Competition


While my first post was mainly focused on my first impressions of the Vango sports facility and it’s institutional culture, this post will be more focused on the culture of sport and competition in China is a whole. First of the question of why Vango is located where it is must be answered. After the […]