News Article Post 1

I’m excited about doing ethnographic research this summer. I wish I could have gone to Beijing a couple summers ago when there a huge tattoo convention in China. Here you can see some of the pictures and text from the convention. It would definitely have been an interesting place to go to see how Chinese society views the body art. I would have had a larger demographic for sure, people from all over the country and the world went to this convention. Many Chinese tattoo artists held a booth, and it would have been a great place to see and talk to some established Chinese artists.

However, I am not too worried about being to find a good location. It will be nice to only have to talk to a couple artists versus an entire convention of them and worry about missing someone or not getting a chance to fully interview everyone that I want to.

In the link above, I think my favorite tattoos are the detailed back work of this warrior. 

From this article, you get a small glimpse of the Chinese people who get tattoos and wanted to be shown in this article. Definitely, I do not see anyone who looks very mild. While you cannot judge a book based on the cover, a few of the buyers here look a little intense.

There could be a lot of reasons for this though, perhaps it was the image that the editor wanted, perhaps only people who looked simliar to this showed up, perhaps they were the only ones who permitted the photographer to photograph them.

I think this something that I will have to worry about when conducting research: how can I accurately portray what I’m trying to portray? What will my audience think when they see my product?

All of these are important questions that I will have to address once I start to put together and begin actually researching in China. It is one of my fears that I will have extremely biased information or a representation. I know that as a human, and because of time constraints there is almost no way that I will be able to be completely unbiased, but I fear I’ll have issues that I pick a weird location that doesn’t actually represent an average, typical Chinese tattoo-y.

A lot of these fears stem from this article that shows almost only full-body tattoed people. I know that that is not the norm here, and I don’t know for certain if that was just an editor’s choice, or just the type of people who go to tattoo conventions, but I worry that I will some huge bias like this that I will not be able to control, or will accidentally portray in my research.