Business in China

I mentioned before that my plan after college is to combine my two majors into a career.  While we’re in Beijing, I want to get a jump on that and have a research project that combines both Chinese and Business.  I want to do something that I find interesting but will also give me a leg up if I ever come back to China to work.  I think the best project for me would be to focus on the culture that exists in China’s corporate business world.  Not only would this be interesting, but, if I ever end up working in China or working with Chinese companies, I will have some sort of idea of how to work with them and how to act around them which would lead to a much better partnership.  I want to see how employers work with employees, the mindsets of both, their work ethic, their morals, and all the little things that they do that are different from the U.S.

While I have this idea, I am still not sure how I am going to do it.  I figure there are three main ways to go about doing it. The first way would be to find the office of a U.S company that is in Beijing and see if they would be willing to work with me over the summer and show me how they work in China.  The second way, which would be harder, would be to find a Chinese company in Beijing and see if they would take me in instead.  My last idea for how to do this, and probably my best one, would be to contact the U.S Embassy in Beijing and see if I can work with them in order to do my research.  I figure they can either point me in the right direction or just let me work with them for the summer.  This might be better because they work with many companies in different industries so I would be exposed to more.

While I’m not sure exactly how I would pull off this idea yet, I am sure that this is what I want to research.  It would not only be interesting but also be really helpful in my future business career.  Maybe one day I’ll end up looking like this:

Hopefully this will be me.