The Difficulties of Adapting from an Instruction Paradigm to a Learning Paradigm

Shaanxi Normal University

There are many differences between the Chinese and American educational systems, most notable being where they place their focus. China stresses an emphasis on achievement and high test scores above all else, demonstrating their use of the instruction paradigm. The instruction paradigm is a model of teaching in which the teachers have all the knowledge, […]

Skype as Cross-Cultural Communication: Dangers, Limitations, and Benefits


Skype: Dangers, Limitations, and Benefits   For our final project, we used Skype to converse with Chinese partners half way across the globe. We discussed American and Chinese films and cultural differences such as dorm arrangements and Saturday classes. Learning through these Skype conversations, we were able to conclude our study of East Asian culture […]

Project Proposal: Perspectives of Tai Chi

Tai Chi in Beijing

I am very excited to begin researching Tai Chi in China.  However, “Tai Chi” is a broad subject.  The martial art itself has multiple schools, multiple forms, and multiple legacies.  So then, what will I be researching? I am not necessarily researching Tai Chi per say.  What I am researching is individuals’ perspectives of Tai […]

Controversy in Museums

For my research project, I intend to research the portrayal of controversial topics in Beijing’s museums. Museums serve as a locus of academia and the public, and are one of if the primary means of dispersing information to the masses. As such, museums, especially those run by the state in a statist country such as […]

Project Proposal: Economic Relations

Microsoft Word - EDIT1-How American Companies Choose Factory Loc

For my research, I’m examining the economic growth and relations of companies in Virginia versus that of Beijing.  As of now, I have picked the following three companies/organizations on which I would like to conduct my research. All are located within Beijing as well as in locations closely accessible to where I live in Virginia. […]

Research Project Proposal

My research project will be focused on exploring the place competitive sports has in the culture of Chinese Universities, and role these sports play in the lives of students. My plan is to do so by examining the Tsinghua University fencing team. One of the biggest problems I’ve had with perusing the idea of studying […]

Philosophy and Ballroom Dancing

Ethical Philosophy My biggest question for those that I may come across while in Beijing is about their take on traditional Confucian values. First of all, what exactly are these Confucian values? Who abides by them? And how exactly are those beliefs applied in life? I want to investigate how these ideas compare with western […]

Project Proposal

For my ethnographic field project, I want to study the demographics behind the people who subscribe to the various food superstitions in Chinese culture or the archaic practice of eating dog.  One of the main instances that sparked my interest in the topic were the Internet protests that halted the celebration of a dog festival.  […]

Western Consumer Culture (Starbucks) Research Proposal

starbucks beijing

While studying at Tsinghua University, my field study consists focuses specifically on the appeal Western consumer culture within China.  To begin my research proposal, I’ll be describing the community and the site that I will be studying in! As it says in the title, my main site of focus is none other than Starbucks. There […]

Project Proposal: Adoption in China


I chose to do my fieldwork project on adoption in China because I think it represents an interesting perspective on U.S.-China relations.  I find it very interesting that recently American’s have adopted more Chinese children than any other nationality.  In May of 2007, the Chinese government implemented stricter requirements to adopt in China.  The government […]