Megan Wells Bio

我的中文名字是卫美妍。我学中文。My English name is Megan Wells and I am a sophomore at the College of William & Mary. However, I am considering graduating a year early, and possibly do some travelling. For most of my life I have lived in Virginia, with a brief period living in South Carolina. I am the youngest of three kids in my immediate family and the youngest of all six of the cousins on my mom’s side (including my siblings). There are five girls and one boy. Two of the cousins are married, three have kids, and my brother and I are both attending college now. This summer will be my first time ever travelling outside of the United States, I didn’t even have a passport until this year. I can’t even describe how excited I am to travel! Since I was pretty young I’ve wanted to go abroad and stay in other countries. This summer will be an exciting experience for me, I was given the opportunity to study here because I got accepted to be a Gilman scholar and received scholarship from William & Mary (look at funding opportunities here: )! I would have liked to travel to China a week or two earlier, so I could travel around, but it’s expensive to travel alone and I am on a budget, to use funds appropriately. Also, I’m not sure if my friends in Beijing will be in town near the time I’d have liked to have been travelling there.

This is me!

This is me!

At the moment I am trying to learn how to play the banjo and I’m trying to make it through the entirety of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. I enjoy walking around on campus, especially on the paths that go around the lake. I also enjoy studying languages, at the college I have studied Chinese, German, and Spanish. I’ve also had three years experience in Latin.

I’m no stranger to blogging websites; pretty sure that I have an account for about all of the blogging websites. Currently, I only actively use Tumblr and dabble in Twitter. If you’re down for a laugh, and want to find some stuff that would embarrass me, you can check out my tumblr. Mostly, I just re-post funny pictures, because writing long, personal stories isn’t really my thing.

There are actually quite a few things that I’m worried about for my first time travelling outside the country: getting into a plane crash, being kidnapped and sold, getting lost, having to pay huge fines for breaking some law I didn’t know about, being thrown in jail for something, having money stolen, catching a disease, being quarantined in a different country, forgetting all my Chinese, waking up with amnesia,  having an experience similar to the Hangover Part II, etc.  In addition, I have more than a few concerns about the whole toilet situation; I already do not like using any sort of public or shared restroom. I can’t begin to describe my feeling towards using a non-western style toilet in a new place.

On the other hand, there are thousands of experiences that I can’t wait for, buying something from a street vendor, communicating with someone in his homeland in his natural tongue, improving my Chinese, exploring the city, going out with new friends, trying new food, ordering from an authentic Chinese restaurant in Chinese, buying presents for my friends and families, bonding with my 同学们, Chrishing with other English speakers, going shopping, working on my fieldwork, visiting historical sites, going site-seeing, meeting new people, etc.

I suppose I’ll end with saying how much the excitement and anitci-waitforit-pation is building up. Only 78 more days until my plane takes off from DC making its way to Beijing!