Matt Ramsey Bio

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My name is Matt Ramsey (任民修), and I am currently a junior planning on majoring in English with a Chinese Minor.  From Lynchburg, Va, I went to an all male boarding school in Orange, Virginia.  I hope to teach English as a second language in China after I graduate through the Peace Corp or an alternate program.  When I was in China previously, I had the chance to teach some English at a middle school and absolutely fell in love with the children.  They were so eager to learn that it inspired me to want to pursue teaching as a career.  This trip to China is only the first step in a long series of events that I hope lead to my employment in a Chinese school.

I first took Chinese in high school and loved it so much that I accompanied my class to a trip to China after my junior year of high school.  One of the most enjoyable aspects of Chinese, to me at least, is writing characters.  And eating Chinese food.  I can’t wait to dive into a steaming pocket of pork baozi or slurp up some noodles or jab at some vegetables in hot pot.  While on the culinary train, I want to be able to make good authentic Chinese food when I return.  So, I hope that I will have the chance to learn how to cook my own food.  Perhaps I will use my ethnographic project as an opportunity to learn about the history behind the culturally diverse food, as well as an opportunity to eat some good food.  Although I never got the chance to try dog while in China, I have no objections if I ever come across that possibility.  I might run the risk of getting some sort of food poisoning, but it’s a chance I’m willing to take.

Obviously as with learning any foreign language, there is a certain growth that comes with the struggles of learning to master tones and then finally succeeding.  That growth will aid both my confidence and independence while operating in a foreign environment.  When I first got to use my Chinese in China it was a thrilling experience.  It was especially enjoyable seeing a local’s face light up when those first syllables of Chinese emerged from my mouth.  One of the traps that I fear that I will fall into, however, is the trap of speaking English with those Chinese that want to improve their own foreign language skills.  I hope that my improved language skills will allow me to improve my interactions with the locals while abroad this summer